Omni-sexuality to to suppress power dynamics

I have been struggling with homophobia. My upbringing, my social network and society in general have had me believe anything other than ‘heterosexual’ was acceptable for me to feel. This had resulted in a fear of loving men and thereby a fear of the thoughts of loving men. Not able to conquer fear, self punishment followed in the form of self doubt. Escaping minor depressive tendencies, openly sharing my thought is making me believe that suppression can be overcome. Identification as omni sexual might hold an answer. The human tendency for judgement and thereby devision, could not be necessary. Why pursue this objective? As life progresses, the only way to sustain the quality of the group is self control . On a mass scale. To not judge. Not to misuse power. To not suppress. To overcome the suffering of the group by sustained effort of the group. This quality comes with the ability to not pursue both fear (phobia) and desire. Omni Amore (?). M.K.





End to end foodsystem

Why is there war?

Why are humans suffering?

What is holding us back?

We are living in a time of abundance.

Competition is no longer needed to survive.

To unleash the full potential of the conscious mind, it must be freed from any burden.

To progress to a new age, where physical suffering is no longer a burden we must perfect healthcare.

There must be the option of suffering. Suffering causes progression. I trust mankind to stay awake and suffer for progression. When healthcare takes away physical suffering, problems with the same order of magnitude must replace the old. Otherwise comes comfort, laziness and the end of the expanding nature of consciousness.

So how is healthcare perfected. Prevention of suffering. Any detrimental behavior is not eliminated but freed from being the only option. A second option is given. An option based on data and personal goals. A perfect match of what you need and what you get. Applied directly.


Blood values point toward a unhealthy level of zinc. You are recommended a dietary change and this is prepared and delivered within minutes to you anywhere.

Needed are data, logistics and trust.



Cucumber attracted my attention.

And we should, indeed, live as if we were in public view, and think, as if someone could peer into the inmost recesses of our hearts – which someone can ! For what is to be gained if something is concealed from man when nothing is concealed from God?   – Lucius Annaeus Seneca


When communication your thoughts form a line of reasoning and go over into action. It clears up the scattered mind. By communicating to yourself thoughts don’t always form a understandable whole. When trying to communicate to someone else, this crystallization will make the content more accessible for everyone, even yourself. This is why buddhists use vipassana meditation or Anne Frank had a diary. Now i join the art of self reflection by writing to whomever feels like hearing. Feel free to use my thoughts. At least I intend to.