Omni-sexuality to to suppress power dynamics

I have been struggling with homophobia. My upbringing, my social network and society in general have had me believe anything other than ‘heterosexual’ was acceptable for me to feel. This had resulted in a fear of loving men and thereby a fear of the thoughts of loving men. Not able to conquer fear, self punishment followed in the form of self doubt. Escaping minor depressive tendencies, openly sharing my thought is making me believe that suppression can be overcome. Identification as omni sexual might hold an answer. The human tendency for judgement and thereby devision, could not be necessary. Why pursue this objective? As life progresses, the only way to sustain the quality of the group is self control . On a mass scale. To not judge. Not to misuse power. To not suppress. To overcome the suffering of the group by sustained effort of the group. This quality comes with the ability to not pursue both fear (phobia) and desire. Omni Amore (?). M.K.